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About Luxsant

Luxsant (ləks-, -ˈsäⁿ; ləks-sənt)


 is a Latin root, meaning to illuminate or bring light to
Sant is derived from Sanskrit meaning to provide sagely advice or wisdom

Our Philosophy:

Our values of integrity and prompt service, guide our relationships within our team of professionals and, especially with each of our clients. Luxsant is guided by the ideals of accessing our repertoire of industry wisdom and experience in each of our interactions. We strive to provide a large firm level of expertise and efficacy, but with a strong, intimate foundation.

Our boutique management consulting firm, specializing in accounting, business management, operational advisory , tax strategy, and technological services. Building on decades of C Level experience in an array of industries – such Blockchain, Consumer Products, Venture Capital Enterprises, and Entertainment – and with over 20 years of experience in consulting, Luxsant is positioned to maximize value to our clientele.

Discover and explore our suite of solutions and allow our team of professionals uncover and implement the right results for your unique needs.



Contact us by phone +1 (213) 266-7411 or submit your questions,comments,or proposal requests.

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