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Payroll & Compliance

Payroll & Compliance

Luxsant, LLC. shifts our clients’ focus from the tedium of payroll functions to strategic and creative planning required to ensure a company’s growth potential. Luxsant, LLC. payroll services will not only offer a valuable alternative to an in-house processing model, but it can also prove to be more cost-effective. Our team of professionals provide services ranging from setting up a payroll solution to maintaining a current and compliant tax filing that is current with IRS regulations.
Along with our payroll solutions, we also ensure that our clients are compliant with current and ever-changing regulations of Human Resource (HR) Management. Our team of professionals utilize decades of in-house industry expertise and a network of legal professionals to collaborate and set up systems that ensure HR payroll and legal compliance. These standard and automated processes are essential to avoid payroll issues, penalties, and litigation. Compliance is also inclusive establishing legally-required training. Every successful company whether listed on the Fortune 500 or a medium-sized firm, strives to establish a company culture where performance, professionalism, and service is paramount. Our access to a highly-vetted network of legal professionals will offer the requisite resources to ensure that your company maintains a positive work culture.



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